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What is Website

In simple words, three primary things to make a website are your Domain name, Web host and a topic. So, you know you want to create a website, but first you need to consider what the website will be about.

A website is a collection of Web pages, images, videos or other digital assets that is hosted on one or several Web server(s), usually accessible via the Internet, cell phone or a LAN.

The definition of web page is a document, typically written in HTML, which is almost always accessible via HTTP, a protocol that transfers information from the Web server to display in the user's Web browser.

People say creating a website thing is not that of an uphill task but it takes some effort to sustain and maintain a smooth, hassle free website which is up to date and can enhance business profits.

We at B2BSales have years of experience and expertise as a website maintenance company and we have realized that maintenance is a more costly affair than building a website. So we decided to help out our valued customers with best quality and economic website maintenance services and facilities which are tailor made to save your valuable time and money.

B2BSales is here at your service. If you don't want to linger upon with updating your website, and then let us do it for you and we will leave no stone unturned to prove our mettle. In addition, we provide you the space to concentrate on things in which you turn out to be the best. The main areas of website maintenance and web site managements are many and these are getting wide day by day. We are one of the leading names among website maintenance company India and mainly focus on prime, important and broad segments of it.

We also come with added features and services like
♦ Customer support, forum moderating and any kind of database management.
♦ Monitoring of Web Server, Database Server, Web Services, Payment Gateway and Third party services which may affect your website's uptime.
♦ Community development and marketing.